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Subway surfing art of jaguar

Every day Diana takes the subway to go to work, today was one of those days when the sun generated enough heat, her beautiful body was sweating, her every character was in this transport, geeks singing, dirty old men, children crying among other unsavory types. There was a poster with suggestive images of a couple …Read more »

Homelessness art of jaguar

US News was reporting that in some neighborhoods of Downtown many people struggle to have a decent roof while others are becoming richer day, the times were worse than ever, this euphoric presenter told viewers that if they had the ability to change the lives of these destitute they did before it was too late. …Read more »

Rich Bitch 1 art of jaguar

Melvil Small is the new driver of the wealthy family Greene, could not get out of his head the beautiful daughter of his bosses, the beautiful Alexa, this girl treated him like dirt, I take her to school and the mirror would not stop looking at him panties provocative that he could observe under the …Read more »

Coochies sex Diner

On Highway 69 a truck driver has handled all morning, was tired and deserved rest or at least eat something, thank God he found a restaurant called Snockers with a large billboard of a beautiful busty woman with two hot dogs in their hands . It was not the only truck driver who was in …Read more »

A rich female Part One

This is the story of a boy named Melvin Small which recently started in a new job for a wealthy family unfortunately could not keep her daughter away from them because this too sexy mind which is called Alexa, the girl going to where the employee to tell him to stop masturbating to take her …Read more »