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Guaranteed As Advertised Elenas Tale

Lucy is on the beach with her dear friends from work, but in that, she notes that there is a boy known in that place, the closer she comes to realize that it is her ex-boyfriend, they were finished because their parents did not allow it anymore, after Talking for a while and flirting as …Read more »

Ferres Gladiatirx

This beautiful young lady was captured while she was stealing, they are going to execute her the next day and nobody can stop him, but that night while she was in the cell, a man arrived and promised that he could leave her free, the girl tells him that he will do everything Or for …Read more »

The Red Carpet [Blacknwhite]

Justin a famous actor of shows is invited to the Oscars, he is accustomed to go out with beautiful blondes, they have all been taken to the exhaustion, this time he wants new experiences, within his list of invited guests the favorite is a Black culona with siren body. Sasha is the lucky girl to …Read more »


Erika has gone to a club at night with her friends, all have told her that if she fucks a black guy for sure she goes crazy, so they look for an attractive guy to talk for a while, after more than 30 minutes of Be talking to Kenny, they decide to go to a …Read more »


These two brothers work in a restaurant together, but there is a girl who draws attention to the two, do not know how to do to put the cock, the first to get the kiss was Carlos, that day felt so happy to To see that achieved, but after that romantic kiss they gave, the …Read more »