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Adun Milffur Slow Down 3

The farm had a new mother horse and a mare, this new pony had gotten into trouble angering his employer, one of the sons of this pattern I took this colt where his mother to give him shame. She felt bad for what his son and the son of her employer undressed because she had …Read more »

Dwight Sell Some Milffur

This comic is not porn in Spanish, but as is well drawn and just see the filmstrip can be noted that it is a great story, we can also use our imagination to make this comic book one of the best we found seen, what can understand is that this is a farm where almost …Read more »

Geezer Farm Part Two Milffur – All cows are sluts

The head of the farm is a man who has become addicted to sex with their cows for example Bety is what happens fucking every moment, Betty gets very mad because the boss is too old to have a sexual activity Very soon, since the neighbor boss brought their cows to be fucked his bull, …Read more »

Geezer Milffur Farm – A cow with large breasts

A cute cow named Betty is going with her boyfriend to the barn by the desire to fuck with, it is that at that time the farm owner called to tell him that it’s his turn, Betty’s boyfriend tells her to look now at night to fuck lighter, Betty’s boyfriend waits, while talking to his …Read more »