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The girls of naruto are hot

Naruto has come from a very important mission, but throughout the trip his classmates were teaching him how to seduce a beautiful woman, how long they lasted long enough to learn, the first to be fucked by the charms of Naruto was Hinata, Had a little luck since Hinata likes him, so that might be …Read more »

Best in the village (Naruto)

Uzumaki Naruto Haruno Sakura like each other, both have pure feelings between them, but never the show, Naruto tries to be attentive, but always ends up making her angry, she on the other hand also likes Sasuke and Sai, is delighted that the three form part of your team. Naruto and Sakura sleep in the …Read more »

Konoha Donburi

Suddenly Sakura-Chan sucked harder cock Naruto, she was worried, I thought this guy was bored out of his body, the cock of this man fell to her throat, causing retching, leaving eyes filled with tears. He explained that there are days that does not need your service, work had to Shizune completely for him, she …Read more »

Naruto Saboten Nindou

Sakura is in big trouble, is tied arms and asechada by one of his enemies, this man is happy to have her on their networks and is entranced smell this girl comes from her vagina, now wants to cover the smell with that of he. She was the first woman he was interested by fuck …Read more »

Naruto fucking

Naruto is unleashed throughout the village, finally lost her virginity and he relished sex, as he knows that Hinata is in love, it begins to warm up to take her virginity and to fuck her all day, was the best because Hinata has the perfect breasts for Russian straw, her pussy being so excited he …Read more »