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A cumulative power (Palcomix)

Jack is a very naughty boy who is always doing evil things at home, but this time it was the hand, grab a gun from his brother who is very dangerous, all his brothers tried to stop him, but it was too late for that, by pressing the power button all gave him want to …Read more »

The zombies are like …

Samantha, Clover and Alexandra were in a new mission, had to save Chucky and Mandy who were about to be eaten by zombies. They were looking, suddenly they heard a cry and hid behind a wall, fixed where the sound came from and see what it was were astonished, zombies were raping a girl group. …Read more »

Palcomix A new discovery for Ariel

Ariel is a beautiful redhead, princess and daughter of Triton King of Atlantis, this girl is obsessed with collecting objects of humans, who have fallen into the sea when their boats have foundered, but must keep secret the place where hides these articles, since his father hates these beings who frequently fish, the only one …Read more »

Misato´s new Girlfriend [Palcomix] (Evangelion)

Shinji was watching TV when his older sister Misato, apparently you have some envy, because Misato can reach the time that home and no one can tell you anything, because live only two of them, comes Misato gives a little beer for you to relax a little, Shinji begins to feel very bad head it …Read more »

The Powerpuff Girls Palcomix

The Mayor of Townsville, is desperate for the help of the super powerful girls, these were three girls with special powers, conceived in a laboratory by a scientist named, Utonio. Quickly rise up the phone, quickly she asks to be helped, since Ms. Minx is using its magic against the city and just with him, …Read more »